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BCSE In Action

January 27, 2021

Contact: Julia Selker
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 541-908-5792

BCSE Commends Biden Administration’s Early Executive Actions on Climate Change

Washington, D.C. – In response to President Biden’s announcement of a series of executive actions focused on addressing climate change both at home and abroad, BCSE President Lisa Jacobson offered the following statement:

“The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) commends the magnitude of the executive actions taken by President Biden today within his first week in office to address the serious risks posed by climate change to our nation’s national security, public health and economy.

“These executive actions by Biden Administration send clear signals of re-engagement on climate change to the global community and the private sector at home and abroad. Today’s whole-of-government approach announced by the U.S. federal government, grounded in science and data, will bring the policy and financial direction that will accelerate the necessary market transformation to a clean energy economy. The track record of the energy transformation already well underway in the United States proves that deployment of clean energy creates jobs, delivers economic growth and prosperity, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Today’s integration of both U.S. domestic and international agendas to address this global challenge of climate change will help American companies thrive and lead the global transformation that the science calls for.”

Download this press release.