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BCSE Celebrates its Silver Anniversary

2017 is a milestone year for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. For the last two and half decades, the Council’s work has contributed to an amazing clean energy transformation that has taken root in the United States and is expanding globally.

The Council was founded in 1992 by corporate leaders in the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors, with the vision that together these commercially-available technology solutions would improve American energy security, reliability and affordability. That vision still guides the work of the BCSE today.

Over the Past 25 Years …

A diverse business coalition that includes leading energy trade associations, big and small companies and manufacturers, independent power producers, utilities and others, the BCSE has nearly doubled in size since its first days and now represents 52 corporate and trade association members.

The BCSE has led over 60 business delegations to all of the United Nations conferences on sustainable development and climate change, including landmark summits in Rio and Johannesburg, as well as Kyoto and Paris.

The BCSE has produced five Sustainable Energy in America Factbooks in partnership with Bloomberg New Energy Finance (2013-2017), injecting a reliable source of market information into the policy discussions in Washington, DC, and beyond.

Here are some more reasons that the BCSE is celebrating the growth of clean energy since 1992:

  • 92% of all new power capacity built in the US since 1992 has been renewable energy and natural gas
  • More than $58 billion spent on energy efficiency programs by natural gas and electric utilities
  • A 58% increase in US energy productivity
  • Over three million US jobs supported by energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy
  • A 25-year low in US greenhouse gas emission from the power sector in 2016
  • The passage of 4 major energy bills that have supported energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy deployment and financing

Follow the BCSE Clean Energy Blog in the weeks and months to come for more reflections and posts that celebrate a quarter century of good work to accelerate the deployment of clean energy in America and around the world, and what’s next!