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BCSE In Action


December 7, 2017                

Contact:  Laura Tierney
Email:    [email protected]
Office:   202.785.0507

BCSE Calls on Congress to Act on Urgent Energy Tax Measures to Preserve and Expand Investment and Jobs

Washington, DC – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released a letter today urging action this year on critical energy tax provisions. including recommendations for the tax reform legislation conference committee.

“The Council appreciates the historic effort to reform the US tax system with the aim of boosting employment and economic prosperity for consumers and businesses.  Energy tax measures should be structured such that benefits are provided to all qualifying technologies in accordance with the energy, environmental and other public benefits they generate.  The tax code should not pick winners and losers, but should allow all fuel sources to compete on an even playing field.

“Further, consistent and predictable tax policy is fundamental to investment and job creation. Therefore, should changes be made to existing tax laws, adequate transition is needed to avoid market disruptions and job losses.

“Regarding specific comments on the pending tax reform legislation, we note that the Senate version of the bill does not have an energy title, but includes provisions that would impose severe and negative impacts on energy financing and deployment for certain energy sources.  The House version includes energy provisions that change the tax treatment of a range of energy technologies – some favorably and some in an extremely problematic manner.  We call on Congress to urgently address these issues.”

To see the full letter with specific comments on measures in the House and Senate versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, go here.