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BCSE In Action


September 21, 2016
Laura Tierney
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As Paris Agreement Approaches Entry into Force, Businesses Take Notice

Washington, DC – Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) President Lisa Jacobson offered the following statement on the crescendo of international support for the Paris Agreement and action on climate change:

“The Council and its clean energy business members commend the leadership of the United States, China and 58 other nations, some of whom as recently as today, have demonstrated a true commitment to climate action by formally joining the Paris Agreement.

“The achievement of governments representing nearly half of all global greenhouse gas emissions to rapidly move the Paris Agreement into implementation is historic, opening a new paradigm for climate action.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us to build upon the market trends already afoot here in the United States, where in 2015 we saw $329 billion invested in clean energy and power sector emissions at their lowest levels since 1995.

“As countries formalize their international commitments to take action on climate change, and more importantly as they begin to implement national policies, business and industry will continue to respond to this strong long-term signal, as over 600 large global firms already have,[1] and direct their investments towards low-carbon and cleaner sources of energy.

“The market will respond to national policies, such as Canada’s recent announcement to establish a national carbon price and the Clean Power Plan here at home, and we will see a growth in the deployment of clean energy.”

[1] See CDP Policy Brief “The Paris effect: How business is factoring in the Paris Agreement” September 2016.

Download the press release.