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About the BCSE

Mission Statement

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy advocates for energy and environmental policies that promote markets for clean, efficient and sustainable energy products and services.

Who We Are

The BCSE is a coalition of companies and trade associations representing the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors in the United States. Members include companies on the cutting edge of efficient, economic and environmentally sound fuels and technologies, such as natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower, combined heat and power, insulation and fuel cells. The Council's membership also includes power developers, equipment manufacturers, independent generators, green power marketers, retailers, gas and electric utilities.

What We Do

The BCSE is dedicated to implementing market-based approaches to reducing pollution and providing a diverse, secure mix of energy resources.

Through the coalition's extensive national and international network, the Council works on issues pertaining to climate change, international financing, clean energy tax equity and global market development.

The BCSE brings together a broad range of stakeholders, policymakers, environmental organizations, and business and industry executives to move the energy sector and energy policy toward a cleaner, sustainable and diversified future. The Council provides unique expertise in the design of policies and market-based initiatives that accelerate clean energy technology investments and deployment. The Council works to:

  • Enable policies that accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy resources
  • Implement cost-effective programs and policies that recognize the environmental attributes of energy sources
  • Increase the energy productivity of the economy and improve energy security
  • Encourage market-based initiatives for energy and environmental policies

How We Do It

The Council offers practical industry expertise to policymakers to guide them in making energy, environment and economic policy decisions needed to grow demand for and accelerate clean energy deployment.

The Council is a member-driven association, led by a Board of Directors, that accomplishes its policy work and outreach through the following committees:

These committees meet regularly to discuss current issues and formulate policy recommendations to the BCSE Board of Directors. As part of its continuing outreach efforts, the Council hosts regular briefings on clean energy and related topics for Congress; conducts state and regional forums for discussion on clean energy issues; leads business delegations to international policy summits; and holds bi-annual Membership meetings and related events.