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A Window of Opportunity to Make Buildings Smarter and More Secure


As the built environment becomes smarter and more connected, delivering greater energy efficiency and reliability, it will also face new cybersecurity threats. While traditional information technology industries have long paid attention to system security, incorporating cybersecurity into early management and planning decisions for operational systems technologies in the built environment is a relatively new concept.

In a new whitepaper, Cybersmart Buildings: Securing Your Investments in Connectivity and Automation, industry leaders Johnson Controls and Booz Allen Hamilton have issued a “joint call to action” for building owners and facility managers to invest in cybersecurity.

“Research clearly demonstrates that cybersecurity is a critical need at a critical hour for buildings around the world,” adds Bill Jackson, president, Johnson Controls Global Products. “As building technology and data converge, we must be increasingly vigilant.”

As the whitepaper concludes, the smart building industry has an opportunity and an obligation to be proactive about cyber risk, and the whitepaper provides clear and practical steps for the smart building stakeholder community to take to improve its security.