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BCSE In Action

March 13, 2012

  650+ Businesses and Trade Groups Urge Extension
of Clean Energy Tax Incentives

The BCSE joined with more than 650 businesses and trade groups today to send a letter to the U.S. Senate urging a "Yes" vote on Senator Debbie Stabenow's amendment to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (S. 1813) that would extend for one year a range of crucial clean energy tax incentives.

See the BCSE press release for more details and quotes from BCSE President Lisa Jacobson and Alliance to Save Energy President and BCSE Board Member Kateri Callahan. The full text of the letter can be found below.

March 13, 2012

The Honorable Harry Reid
U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Capitol Building, S-221
Washington, DC  20510                                                      

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
U.S. Senate Republican Leader
Capitol Building, S-230
Washington, DC  20510

Dear Leader Reid and Leader McConnell:

As a broad group of clean energy businesses and trade associations, we wish to express strong support for Senator Stabenow's amendment no. 1812 to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (S. 1813), which extends critical clean energy tax measures and urge you to oppose Senator DeMint's amendment no. 1589 which eliminates several vital clean energy incentives.

By extending key clean energy tax incentives, Senator Stabenow's amendment would spur investment, create jobs, and diversify the country's energy portfolio to power the U.S. economy. And it would play an important role in your ongoing efforts to achieve vital economic and energy security objectives.

Specifically, the Stabenow amendment includes provisions that benefit a wide range of taxpayers and domestic businesses, and are important to U.S. jobs and the broader economy. Moreover, they have driven technological innovation, enhanced the viability and deployment of a variety of clean energy options, and reduced costs for consumers and industry.

Continued backing for clean energy incentives is in the best interest of American taxpayers and supports a well-reasoned national energy strategy that improves our economic conditions at home and strengthens U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace. Failure to extend these provisions would inject more instability and uncertainty into the economy and further weaken confidence and put more U.S. jobs at risk.

For these reasons, we urge you and your colleagues to maintain the chamber's commitment to clean energy tax incentives by voting in favor of the Stabenow amendment and to oppose the DeMint amendment. In the coming weeks, we look forward to constructively working with you on this matter and other tax and spending proposals.


1SolTech Inc.
25x'25 Alliance
2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.
A&R Solar
A1 Energy, LLC
AAA Solar Texas
Abbott Electric
Absolutely Solar Inc.
Accelerate Solar
Acciona Windpower
Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Advanced Energy Economy
Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc
Advanced Energy Systems
Advanced Technology Industries Inc
Aerial Spectrum, Inc.
AES Solar
AGC Flat Glass NA, Solar Group
AgPower Partners
Aladdin Solar
Alicity Development, LLC
AllEarth Renewables
Alliance for Industrial Efficiency
Alliance to Save Energy
Allied Building Products Corp.
Alpha Solar Etc. LLC
Alpha Solar Etc. LLC
Alpine Power Systems Inc.
Alstrom Energy Group
Alta Devices
Alta Energy
Altadena Energy & Solar LLC
Alternate Energy Technologies
Alternative Power Solutions
Alton Energy
America Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
American Biogas Council
American Council of Engineering Companies
American Reliant Corp.
American Renewable Energy
American Solar Direct Inc.
American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association
Amonix, Inc.
Andgar Corporation
Apex Technology Group LLC
Apollo Energy Partners, Inc.
Appleton Solar, LLC
Applied Materials
Applied Solar LLC
Apricus Inc.
Arkansas Renewable Energy Assoc.
Arkay Solar
Arranz Wind Tuxedo I LLC
Artha Sustainable Living Center
ATAS International
Atlantech Solar Inc.
Atlantic Design Engineers, Inc
Atlantic Energy Concepts
Atlantic Green Power
Augustyn & Company
Avalon EcoPower, LLC
Aztec Solar Power, LLC
B & W Constructors & Equipment
Balanced Power Engineering Inc.
Beachside Solar Technologies
Beaumont Solar Co.
Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co. Ltd.
Belvedere Equipment Finance
Benz Air Engineering, Co., Inc.
BIOFerm Energy Systems
Biomass Power Association
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Blair General Contracting
Bloom Energy
Blue Ridge Energy Company
Blue Selenium Solar LLC
Blue Sky Power
BNL Technical Services
Border Solar
Borrego Solar
Borrego Solar Systems
Bovio Advanced Comfort & Energy Solutions
Brekke Sales Company
Bright Power, Inc.
Brightergy Solar
Brightside Solar Energy Co., LLC
BrightSource Energy
Brilliant Green Energy, inc
Broadley's MDI
Brown To Green Solar, Inc.
BRUGG Pipesystems, LLC
Buffalo Point Wind LLC
Bullhead Solar
Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Butler Sun Solutions, Inc.
California Clean Energy
California Solar Thermal, Inc.
Cannon Solar & Wind LLC.
Capstone Turbine Corporation
Carbon Finance Strategies L:LC
CarbonFree Technology Inc.
Carl Siegrist Consulting
Carlson Solar Technologies LLC
Carolina Solar Energy
Carrier Class Green Infrastructure
Cascade Power Group
CEM Design
Cenergy Power
Cenergy USA
Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing
Centrosolar America
CentroSolar America, Inc
CFV Solar Test Laboratory, Inc.
Chermac Energy Corporation
Cinco Solar, Inc.
Clark Sustainable Energy
Clean Line Energy Partners
Clean Power Advisors
Clean World Partners
ClearEnergy Inc.
CMI Solar Electric, Inc.
Community Energy, Inc.
Conservation Services Group
Consolidated Products Group, Inc.
Consulting Engineers Group
Contemporary Design Co.
Convergence Energy, LLC
Cool Earth Solar
Corona Solar Group, LLC
Cosmic Solar, Inc.
Cummins Power Generation
Curtis Engine & Equipment
Dakota Plains Energy
Dark Field Technologies, Inc.
Dependable Solar Products, Inc.
Des Moines Metro Wastewater
Desmon Energy
Detroit Thermal
DF Interactive
DMI Industries
DNV Renewables (USA) Inc.
Dovetail Solar and Wind
Dow Corning Corporation
Driftless Solar LLC
Dynamic Solar
E2 Solar
Earth,Wind&Solar Inc.
EarthTech Solar Solutions, LLC
Eastern Shore Solar
EchoFirst Inc.
Eco Depot USA
Eco Energy Age, LLC
Eco Innovations VI
EcoBilt Energy Systems
Ecology & Environment Inc.
EcoPlexus, Inc.
Efficiency First
Efficient Energy of Tennessee, LLC
eFormative Options
Electro-Thermal Equipment Corporation
Elemental Energy LLC
ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs
Ely Beach Solar
EMC builders
Empower Energy Technology
EmPower Solar
Eneref Institute
Energy & Environmental Ventures
Energy Answers International
Energy By Choice, LTD.
Energy Concepts, inc.
Energy Conservation Solutions
Energy Industries
Energy Informatics LLC
Energy Management, Inc.
Energy Master llc
Energy Recovery Council
Energy Systems & Installation, Inc.
Energy Systems Group
Entek Power Services, Inc.
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Credit Corp.
Environmental Energy & Finance Corporation
Essential Consulting Oregon
Estriatus Law
ETM Solar Works
Everyday energy
Exact Solar
Exergy Integrated Systems
Falmouth Coal Co Inc.
Farmatic Inc.
Fassett Sales Company
Feather River Solar Electric
Federal Performance Contracting Coalition
Fire Energy USA Inc
First Century Energy Inc
First Wind
Fisher Renewables,LLC
FlexEnergy Inc.
Free Energy Corporation
Free Energy LLC
Freedom Energy, LLC
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
FuelCell Energy, Inc.
Full Circle Power Systems LLC
G3 Energy, LLC
Garrad Hassan America, Inc
General Sheet Metal Works
Geo-Marine, Inc.
Geoscape Solar
Geothermal Energy Association
GlassPoint Solar, Inc.
Global Green USA
Global Renewable Energy, LLC
Global Resource Options Inc.
Global Solaris Group
Godiva Glass Solar Vision
Goodfriend Consulting
Goss Engineering
GreanGrid Solar
Green CPA, LLC
Green Energy Village LLC
Green Mountain Energy Solutions and Services
Green Planet Solar Systems
Green Power Developers, LLC
Green State Solutions
Greenlight Power Company
GreenMax Capital Advisors
GreenSky Energetics Inc.
Greenspeed Energy
Grid Solar, LLC
Gridwerks Consulting, Inc.
Gulf South Solar
H2 Contracting
Haleakala Solar
Haleakala Solar
Hanergy Holding America, Inc.
Hannah Solar
Harrimans Inc.
Harris Companies
Harvest Power, Inc.
Harvest Solar Energy
Harvest The Wind Network
Hawaii Solar Energy Association
Heffernan Group
Heilind Electronics
Helios Solar Works
HelioSage Energy
High Noon Solar
Hill Country Ecopower
Hirschi Associates
HLD Solar
Hlfuel Co. Inc. Solar Div.
Hummingbird Wholesale
Iberdrola Renewables, Inc.
Imagina Creative, LLC
Independent American Energy Company, Inc.
Indepenendence Solar
Infinite Solar Inc.
Innovative Openings, Inc.
Institute for Global Education
Integrated Cleantech Corp.
Integrated Power Corporation
Integrated Solar
Intelligent Generation LLC
International District Energy Association
Interwest Energy Alliance
Iowa Wind Energy Association
J. Zanes & Sons
JA Solar USA, Inc.
J-Com Enterprises, inc.
Jetion Solar (US) Corporation
JJR Power
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Joseph Technology Corporation
Joule Energy
JSH International
K Road Power
Kahn Solar
KC Green Energy
Keares Electrical Contracting
Keep it Green Energy
Ken Clary & Co.
Kenergy Solar
KenJiva Energy Systems
Kettle View Renewable Energy LLC
Konarka Technologies Inc
KPC Gemb Energy
Krannich Solar, Inc
LaFrance Corporation
Lake County Resources Initiative
Large-scale Solar Association
Leeco Steel LLC
Legacy Solar, LLC
Light Source Design and Consulting
LightWave Solar Electric LLC
Lightway North american
Lincoln Renewable Energy LLC
Lite Solar Corp
LM Wind Power
Longhorn Solar
Lumen Solar LLC
Luqman Enterprises, LLC
Madison Solar Consulting
Magellan Search Group
Mainstream Energy Corp.
Make It Right - Solar, Inc.
Manufactured Housing Institute
MAP Royalty, Inc.
Mark J. Connolly PE
Martifer Solar USA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Material Way, LLC
Maui Pacific Solar, Inc.
McCully Solar Group
MegaWatt Solar
Melasecca Electric
Mendoza Solar LLC
Mercury Solar Systems
Meridian Solar, Inc.
Midwest Solar Power
Mindswing Consulting
Mirasol Fafco Solar, Inc.
Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association
ModSolar, LLC
Monolith Solar Associates LLC
Mortenson Construction
Mountain View Solar
Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy
MyEnergy LLC
National Association of Energy Service Companies
National Biodiesel Board
National Development Council
National Electrical Contractors Association
National Hydropower Association
National Lease Financing Services
National Renewable Energy Corporation
National Roofing Contractors Association
NEO Energy LLC
New Bridge Energy LLC
New Energy Options Inc
New England Clean Energy Council
New South Solar Systems, Inc.
NewAg Development, LLC
Newburyport Cleantech Center
Nichols Half Century Farm
Nixon Peabody
NJ Solar Consulting, LLC
Norcom Research LLC
Nordex USA, Inc.
Nordic Windpower
Northwest Ohio Solar Hub
Noveda Technologies
Novus Energy
NRG Systems
NTS Solar
Oak Creek Energy
Oasis Montana Inc.
Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
Oceanside Service Inc.
Offline Solar, Inc
Offshore Wind Development Coalition
Omnipoint Applied Labs
One Sun, Inc.
OnForce Solar, Inc.
OPEL Solar Inc.
Organic Waste Systems, Inc.
Ormat Technologies
Outpost Solar
Owens Corning
OwnEnergy, Inc.
Pacific West Solar
Palmer Capital Corporation
Panasonic Corporation of North America
Panorama Environmental, Inc.
Paradigm Partners
Patrick Lakey, Attorney at Law
Pattern Energy
PerfecPower Inc.
Performance Solutions Inc.
PeterCares House
Pew Clean Energy Program
PHAT Energy
Phaze Industries, Inc.
Photovoltaic Resources
Plainview Electric, LLC
Planet Impact Inc.
Planet Solar
Plug Power Inc.
Plumbgood Plumbing
PMSS America, Inc.
PMW Enterprices
Polaris Energy System of The High Country
Power Company of Wyoming LLC
Power Solutions LLC
PPC Solar
PPG Industries
Praxis Solar Inc
Pristine Sun LLC
Progressive Power Solutions Inc.
Progressive Solar Inc.
Pro-Tech Energy Solutions LLC
Puget Sound Solar
Pure Logic
PV Advanced COncepts
PV Recycling, LLC
Quad State Solar, Inc.
Quantum Technologies Inc.
Quantus Energy
R. McAllister
R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP
Radiance Solar
Ray Angelini, Inc.
Reading Electric Renewables
Recurrent Energy
Recycled Energy Development, LLC
ReflecTech, Inc.
REFUsol, Inc
Reis Robotics USA, Inc.
Renew Now Facilities, LLC
RENEW Wisconsin
Renewable Power, Inc.
Renewergy Solutions Group, LLC DBA Solar & More
Rentenbach Constructors
REP Energy, Inc.
REpower USA Corp
RES Systems
ReVision Energy
Reznick Group
Rigid Global Buildings
RMK Solar
Roof Diagnostics Inc
Ros Roca Envirotec
R-Qubed Energy, Inc
RRE Austin Solar
RS Energy
Rubino Service Co.
Run on Sun
S.O.L.I.D. USA, Inc. dba SOLID Energy
S:FLEX, Inc.
Sader Power
Safari Energy LLC
Sage Renewable Energy Consulting, Inc.
Samba Energy
Santerno Inc.
Sanyo North America Corporation
Schletter, Inc.
SciEssence Intl.
Scudder Solar
SD Communications
Seaboard Solar, LLC
Seattle Steam Company
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)
Seminole Financial Services
Sempra Energy
SENER Engineering and Systems, Inc.
Senior Vice President, CR&R Incorporated
Sharp Solar
Sherwood Marketing
Siemens Energy Inc.
Simple Energy Works
Simple Power
SJ Hahn Consulting
Sky and Earth
Sky High Energy
Sky Power Solar
Skyline Innovations
Skyward Solar Power Company
Slater Solar
SoCal Solar Energy, Inc
Soitec Solar
Solar & Renewable Power Systems, LLC
Solar Alternatives
Solar Capital Group, LLC
Solar Collector Inc.
Solar Design Studio
Solar Energy Access LLC
Solar Energy Industries Association
Solar Energy Tradeshows. LLC
Solar Impact, Inc.
Solar Industry
Solar Interior Design
Solar Logic Systems, Inc.
Solar Lumix Inc
Solar Monkey
Solar Panels Plus
Solar Power Consulting
Solar Power Financial, LLC
Solar Power Technologies Inc
Solar Projects USA
Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory - University of Oregon
Solar Roof Development
Solar Roof Systems, LLC
Solar San Antonio
Solar Seminars, Inc.
Solar Sense PV Inc.
Solar Service Center
Solar Smart Living, LLC
Solar Source
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Solar USA, LLC
Solar Vision Inc
Solar Wave Hawaii
Solar Wind Energy, LLC
Solar, Wind & Rain
SolarAlign, Inc.
SolarCraft Services, Inc.
Solarhybrid of America Inc.
Solaria Corporation
SolarMan, LLC
SolarNexus, Inc.
Solarscape Energy, LLC
SolarTech Universal Corp.
Solar-Tectic LLC
SolarUS Inc.
SOLECT Energy Development
Solex Energies
Solgenix LLC
Sologen Systems, LLC
SolRey Systems
Solscient Energy, LLC
SolTerra Systems
Soltility Inc
Solutia Inc.
Sopogy, Inc.
South Mountain Company, Inc
Southern Atlantic Solar, LLC
Southern Atlantic Solar, LLC
Southface Solar Electric
Southwest Solar Guys Inc
Soveren, Inc
Spectrum Electric Inc.
Spectrum energy group
Spire Corp
SSE Enterprises LLC
Standard Solar, Inc.
Star Distributed Energy
Stealth Solar, LLC
Stellar Energy
Sullivan Solar Power
SUMA AMerica
Sun Farm Network
Sun Miner LLC
Sun Storage
Sun West Solar, Inc
SunEarth Inc.
Sunergy World, Inc.
SunGreen Systems
Suniva, Inc
Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.
Sunmodo Corp.
Sunnovations Inc.
Sunquest Solar Inc
Sunsense, Inc.
SunSpec Alliance
SunSpec, LLC
Suntech Power Co.
Suntrek Industries Inc.
Sunworks NC LLC
Superior Solar Systems, LLC.
Sustainable Energy Financing, LLC
Sustainable Energy Solutions
Sustainable Homes Inc.
Sustainable Methods Institute
Suzlon Wind Energy Corpration
Synchro Solar
Talesun Solar USA Ltd.
Team Gemini LLC
Teanaway Solar Reserve
Technicians for Sustainability, llc
TecnoSun Solar USA
tecta america
Tecta Solar, a Division of Tecta America Corp.
Tenaska, Inc.
Tennessee Solar Energy Association
Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association
Tennessee Solar Solutions
Teresa Szemansco
Terra Viva, Inc.
TerraVerde Renewable Partners, LLC
Tetra Tech
TEVA Energy, LLC
Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative
Texas Solar Energy Industries Association
The American Institute of Architects
The Dow Chemical Company
The Jane Fairweather Team, Inc.
The LeverEdge
The Mercure Group
The Solar Store
The Stella Group, Ltd.
Thompson Best Energy Solutions, LP
Tony D Walker
Tower Hill Sales Associates
TPI Composites, Inc.
Transition Staunton Augusta
Trina Solar (U.S.), Inc.
Trinity Solar
Turning Earth, LLC
Turning Mill Energy LLC
TVC Systems
U.S. Clean Heat & Power Association
U.S. Geothermal Inc.
U.S. Photovoltaics, Inc.
Ultimate Energy Source
UMA Solar, Inc.
Under the Sun Solar
United Electric Supply
United Renewable Energy, LLC
United Solar Services, Inc
US Biogas LLC
US Mainstream Renewable Power, Inc
UTS Bioenergy
Vasoli Electric Co., Inc.
VB Engineering
VELUX Solar Water Heating
Vennar Energy, Inc.
Veolia Energy North America
Veolia Energy Tulsa energy
Verengo Solar
VeriSol, Inc.
Viessmann Manufacturing Co (US) Inc
Viron Consulting Group
VisionSun Design LLC
Vista Solar
VLV Green Initiative
Volt Energy
Voltaic Solaire
Voltaic Solaire LLC
VOW Resources, LLC
Walsh Carter & Associates
Washington Solar
WESCO Distribution
Western Renewables Group
William And Sun
William B. Rever, III - Consultant
Wilson Electric
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Winergy Drive Systems Corporation
Wirsol Solar Americas
Wiser Solar LLC
Yield Energy Inc.
Yingli Green Energy Americas, Inc.
Youngstown Thermal, LLC
Zep Solar, Inc.