The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) is a coalition of companies and associations from the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors in the United States.

At Climate Week NYC 2021, September 20 – 26, hosted annually by international non-profit the Climate Group,  the BCSE joins voices from government, the private sector and civil society to showcase how we can achieve greater climate ambition and accelerate the deployment of available clean energy solutions.

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BCSE Events

Check. We Have the Technologies and Tools: It is Time to Raise Climate Ambition

September 20

Monday, 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET

Achieving significant emissions reductions in the coming decade will be critical if the global community is to achieve its goal of keeping warming below 1.5 C and net-zero by 2050. The good news is that the clean energy and energy efficiency technologies and systems already exist to help further advance the energy transition.

This panel will focus on how existing solutions can deliver near-term emissions reductions to help countries meet more ambitious targets, and what innovative solutions are in the pipeline.

Host & ModeratorLisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Armchair Interviews with:

Panel Discussion with:

  • Kevin Rabinovitch, Global Vice President, Sustainability, Mars, Inc.
  • Renae Kezar, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, Johnson Controls
  • Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President, Energy & Sustainability, Vice President, Government Relations, Schneider Electric
  • Scott Tew, Vice President, Sustainability & Managing Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Trane Technologies

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More Bang for the Buck: Investing in Mitigation and Resilience Together

September 23

Thursday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

Many existing clean energy and energy efficiency solutions can deliver both mitigation and enhanced resilience against the impacts of climate change. Now is the time to re-invest strategically in technology solutions and systems that achieve both goals, as the impacts of a lack of climate action are already being felt with increasing incidences of wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and floods. Investing in communities and climate-smart infrastructure before a disaster delivers a significant return on investment. These types of solutions include on-site clean energy generation, microgrids, weatherization and other building efficiency measures and more.

This panel will make the case to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency and sustainability solutions that both enhance resilience and advance the transition towards the creation of net-zero economies.


  • Brian Wolff, Executive Vice President, Public Policy and External Affairs, Edison Electric Institute
  • Jason Burwen, CEO, Energy Storage Association
  • Mark Feasel, President, Smart Grid North America, Schneider Electric
  • Sharon Tomkins, Vice President, Sustainability, Sempra
  • Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs, Signify
  • Katherine Hammack, Director, Special Projects, U.S. Green Building Council

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North America Climate Summit

September 21-22

The BCSE is proud to support the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) as it hosts its North America Climate Summit on September 21 – 22, 2021 as part of Climate Week NYC. Register to attend on September 21 and on September 22 to hear from BCSE members:

  • Capital Power CEO Brian Vaasjo during the opening CEO plenary on “What Does Climate Leadership Look like in 2021” on September 21 at 8:15 – 9:30 am ET.
  • BCSE President Lisa Jacobson will host an armchair interview with. Elliot Diringer, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State on the COP 26 Outlook on September 22 at 1:30 – 1:45 pm ET.
  • Schneider Electric’s Sustainable Business Division President Susan Uthayakumar at the closing plenary on “The Future – Where are Markets & Tech Innovations Leading Us?” on September 22 at 4:45 pm – 6:30 pm ET.

View the entire two-day schedule to learn more.

National Clean Energy Week Policy Makers Symposium

September 22

2:30 - 3:30 PM ET

Virtua Panel: Energy is Infrastructure

Many of the nation’s bridges and waterways are in disrepair and our grid has shown signs of stress. The transition to a low-carbon economy depends fundamentally on the expansion of clean energy infrastructure, such as transmission and energy storage capabilities. Yet far too often, projects that are desperately needed to ensure grid resilience and modernization are delayed for years because of cumbersome and duplicative permitting requirements. Join our panelists for a discussion on the investments that are most urgently needed and on policies that can help create a more efficient process to build out our nation’s infrastructure.

  • John Di Stasio, President, Large Public Power Council
  • Patrick Decostre, President and CEO, Boralex, Inc.
  • Stacey Lawson, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ygrene
  • Malcolm Woolf, President and CEO, National Hydropower Association
  • Moderator: Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

BCSE in Action

Developing the Hydrogen Economy: A vision for New York

The Hub Live at CWNYC, September 22, 1:30 - 2:30 pm ET

Hydrogen has significant potential to help decarbonize multiple sectors, including power generation, transportation and heating. As a zero carbon fuel, hydrogen can also play a critical role in providing long duration storage, helping to balance renewable supply with demand, while maintaining reliability and resiliency. As increasing amounts of offshore wind energy come into New York, green hydrogen production can be powered by excess renewables, storing that energy for hours when the wind is not blowing. Join us to hear about the role hydrogen can play in decarbonizing New York and what it will take to develop the hydrogen economy.

Featured BCSE Member speakers include:
Rudolph Wynter, President, National Grid New York
Cordi O’Hara, President, National Grid Ventures
Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power
Watch the event visit the Climate Week NYC 2021 series on Facebook Watch.


Peas, Trees And 1.5 Degrees: Nature and agriculture in the Climate Decade 

The Hub Live at CWNYC, September 23, 10:30 am - 11:30 am ET

Ashley Allen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Oatly will join governors, business leaders, farmer representatives and NGOs, as they discuss the solutions, remaining challenges and regenerative potential of transforming our food systems – or the act of eating – from emissions sources to emissions sinks.

Watch the event visit the Climate Week NYC 2021 series on Facebook Watch.


National Grid to Speak at Opening Ceremony on September 20

It’s widely accepted that the world needs to reach net zero by 2050. To do that, we know that we need to halve emissions in the 2020s. But what do we need to see happen in the following days, weeks and months? Our speakers will explore what the 2020s needs to look like for us to deliver for 2030.

This event will be available to view on Facebook Watch, a link will be added on the day of the event.

Featured speakers include Badar Khan, President National Grid, US and John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid. To see the full agenda, click here.


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