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BCSE In The News

2011 Renewable Energy Outlook
By Ari Natter - January 12, 2011
BNA Daily Environment Report

Excerpted text including BCSE quote:

Upton Called ‘Reasonable Person. ‘‘Upton has been a reasonable person in the past, so we are hoping he continues to be a reasonable person,’’ Steve Nadel, executive irector of the American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy, said in an interview.

Observers note that Upton, whose home state of Michigan has an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent, would not be likely to turn his back on renewable energy anufacturing jobs.

‘‘Obviously, the change in the House was significant, but I think when we look at the landscape, we see a lot of opportunity,’’ said Lisa Jacobson, president of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, which represents groups such as retailer Walmart and energy company PG&E Corp.

Others in the renewable energy arena, such as Denise Bode, chief executive officer of the American Wind Energy Association, say they plan on emphasizing to Congress that ‘‘one of the brightest spots in the economy is he growth of renewable and energy efficiency technologies. Those are the real manufacturing opportunities in this country," Bode said. While state governors ‘‘get it that we’re all about economic growth, it’s more about having to make the case to insiders—the Washington policymakers . . . who don’t get it.’’ And some Republicans might not be as opposed as they appear to renewable energy—at least not as publicly.

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